General Assembly Meetings

We meet several times every year in our general assembly meetings to discuss association matters. Check the annual calendar for meeting times. There is usually great cuisine, drinks, socializing, and dance. Guests are welcome.

family nights

These are typically on Fridays and we have a few of these every year. Check the annual calendar for dates. Very informal event. We play games, and adults get to tell personal stories about growing up in Africa. This is a way for our children here to relate to life in Cameroon and Africa through story telling.

Annual Picnic

This event takes place once a year, the Sunday during Memorial Weekend at the Bethlehem Township Community Center Pavillion. Even is open to the public but you must contact our Secretary to indicate attendance. There is excellent barbecue and other great food items, games, lots of other sporting activities.

Cultural Events

These events showcase the African Culture to the community and through these, our Children learn various African traditions, dances, dressing etc.

End of Year Party

These are typically planned in December, a time for the Association to celebrate the Holidays.

Outreach Programs

We organize outreach programs every year to support our local and international communities.

Group Travel

These are trips planned to various touristic, historic sites. Museums included. Sometimes, we go to them parks, beach and other fun places for both children and adults.


We organize several sporting events going on every year. We have Tennis and Soccer that have a regular schedule all year round, except Winter. Other sporting events include volleyball, bike riding, local run/walk races, 3k, 5k, 10k to support various causes.

Contact us About an EVent

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